A Picture Paints A Thousand Worlds

As a nature girl, I do not have a preference but a reverence for the many wonders of God’s creation.  Click on the first picture to view a short slideshow, sharing a digital glimpse of nature’s beauty with quotations relevant to my life.

Copyright © 2012


3 thoughts on “Photos

  1. I love your website and our talk today. You may use my name whenever to promote awareness
    regarding SPS. Look forward to building a friendship!

  2. You were an encouragement to me. Thank you for your appreciation. The diabetes video is great! I am looking forward to a future friendship as well!

  3. I am really grateful that you took that time so long ago to create this wonderful website. I have been searching for a site to discuss this illness and what my experiences have been like. I have not been successful in finding one, who you know of any? Your site fulfills so many needs and God truly is using you to uplift and inspire those in need of his grace. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. Your service to the community is immeasurable. If you can point me in the right direction I would be most grateful. For the past weeks I could only find a site from the Uk but, I was having the hardest time getting registered. Again, thank you for your guidance and light. I wasn’t clear if you said you were taking a break or not but I will continue to come here for support. I am so pleased that you have been able to live with the condition with a measure of strength and health that gives us all hope and faith. I know how you look and how you feel are World’s apart with this illness, but you take a great photo and the light of Christ shines through you. If you have the time to respond and provide some support groups that would be great. Thank you truly, Serena

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