In Vein

December 21, 2011

“I am not in the giving vein to-day.” ~William Shakespeare

During a gym workout earlier this week, I noticed the bulging veins on the young man beside me on the bicep curls equipment. Looking at my arms, I notice the same bulging veins. I also notice the telltale lumps from over two decades of poke and prod from my blood lab-work.

Receiving infusions since 1994, not to mention several blood checks from various labs from my ‘team’ of specialists, I am thankful I am still keeping vein access below my elbow without needing a port. In the last two weeks, my veins have been accessed four times, but who is counting? If I were a blood donor, I would qualify for honorary status, extra cookie, juice, and a t-shirt.

Maybe I will have a t-shirt made with Will’s quotation for my infusions and lab-work.

Just a random thought from a wandering/wondering mind.

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