In My Daughter’s Eyes – TBT



“All my life’s problems have one simple solution, a hug from my daughter.” ~Unknown

“A daughter is God’s way of saying “thought you could use a lifelong friend.” ~Unknown

November 17, 2006

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I dissolve in an emotional meltdown.  Yesterday was such a day.  Living each day working with and around symptoms, remembering medications and a merry-go-round of medical appointments, while absorbing the frenzy of a hectic family schedule, knowing in spite of my physical limitations so much depends on me.  The enormity will sometimes cause my knees to buckle and I fall into a sobbing  heap of frustration.  The consuming energy in living a life with SPS, I feel like I lose me.  I cried, “I matter.”

After an occasional pity purge, I can renew my “hutzpah,” regroup, and refocus.  In unexpected ways, I am reminded I do matter and others do see my struggles.  My daughter wrote the following poem for an English class.  Unknowing of my previous upset, she gave breath to my weary soul.

The Internal Fight

You with the crooked spine
You will always be considered mine.
I know you have an internal illness,
You fight it every day.
I don’t know how one can deal,
When so much fright is thrown your way.

I loved you before,
I know I love you more,

You nurtured me young,
I shall nurture you old.

I know you feel pain,
And its such a big problem.
I look up to you mom,
I know you will make it work.
Your eyes are still wild,
Like your body sometimes is.
Spiderwoman on the wall,
Who can cling best of all?

My mommy can,
best lady of them all.


rickvanderzwet_Two_sixteeth_notes_1  A Mother’s Prayer

© 2006 Debra A. Richardson


2 thoughts on “In My Daughter’s Eyes – TBT

  1. Just makes you want to cry!!! You can truly feel the Love in the Poem. A Very Beautiful Poem!!! Thank You for Sharing!!!

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