National Lampoon’s SPS Vacation

“The vacation we often need is freedom from our own mind.” ~Jack Adam Weber

“The journey, not the arrival, matters.” ~T. S. Eliot

National Lampoon’s Vacation, starring Chevy Chase, chronicles the comedic obstacles of a family vacation. In the pursuit of the perfect dream vacation to Wally World in the original film, the Griswold family is beset with hilarious travel setbacks, detours, and disappointments.   With the devastation of their beginning enthusiasm, the Griswolds finally arrive at Wally World to find the park is closed.  Frustrated disappointment escalates into more problems until the kindly intervention of Wally World’s owner and the predictable happy ending.

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Traveling with Stiff Person Syndrome easily qualifies for a National Lampoon’s spoof of a “quest for fun.” “Quest for fun” becomes a holy grail.

After decades with SPS as a traveling companion, I still feel angst leaving the security of home several days before.  Packing my medications, insulin pump supplies, Plan B diabetic delivery, insulin, sugar low tablets, glucometer, testing strips, and ER protocol papers from my neurologist; my carry-on is full.  (Have more medical baggage than cosmetics!) Resembling a drug dealer, more concerns rattle my well-being at impending airport security.

Passing the shoe check, insulin pump explosive device check, and cleared luggage; a Starbucks stop is a nerve calming reward before getting to the gate.  A sense of rush is not in my bag of tricks, so I settle for a two-hour wait until departure, only for the hectic dash to baggage claim and retrieve my stuff upon landing.  Airport navigation is always a syndrome assault on my senses.

I prefer traveling by car without all the travel restrictions.  With snacks and water in the back seat, great tunes fill the car so I can absorb the scenery at a pace of my choosing.  Stops are at a comfortable two-hour increment reprieve for gas, food, or a scenic overlook.

Recently, I returned from a two-week vacation involving a trip to Utah and a family visit.  My only Griswold experiences were the mayhem in packing for the trip.  After a non-eventful straight flight and rental car pickup, my Forever Bestie (FB) and I were on the road to our adventure.

I am blessed my FB understands my health conditions and is very accommodating of me. Sugar lows and body constrictions are not a focus.  Enjoying the panoramic scenery en-route to Moab, we periodically stopped to take in a breathtaking vista or just “talk and gawk.”

Sounding cliche’, the parks in Moab were “totally awesome.”  We planned the trip with an easy pace, adding to our enjoyment. Absorbing the magnificence of each park, I felt small with the grandeur of each overlook.  Nature’s wonder is healing to the soul…a sense of affinity…a holy grail.

(pics on the Scrapbook Page)


©2019 Debra A. Richardson

Since diagnosed in 1996, I chose not to let my diagnosis deter me from any *possible* adventure without trying.  Through travel travails and life challenges, I have shared wonderful experiences with individuals who have the same life yearnings as me.  I am grateful. ♥

As the quest continues…

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#chronic illness

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