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Making An Entrance

“Everybody loves you when you’re easy. . .Everybody hates when you’re a bore. . .Everyone is waiting for your entrance, so don’t disappoint them.” ~Sarah McLachlan

In a conversation with an SPS friend, their spouse had developed anxiety issues when out of caring range for my afflicted friend. It had become a comfortable routine for this individual.  A future solo trip for my friend triggered some anxiety-induced health issues for the spouse.

The topic of this conversation turned toward Stiff Person Syndrome, the various triggers, the security and comfort of routine.  I had been experiencing some increasing anxiety when leaving my home.  I had been aware of opting for the serenity and calm of home more frequently than I had in the past.  I decided it was time to reinstate more frequent “out there” experiences beyond my new normal routine.

Wanting to visit different churches on occasion, I thought Sunday would be a good time.  I could not locate choice #1 so settled for choice #2.  Walking well with my surrogate walker aides, I made it to the front door…unscathed.

Unprepared for the step up into the sanctuary, I did a first-in-awhile SPS fall into the foyer.  Luckily I was able to catch myself with extended arms instead of the “tin man” fall with full impact on the head.

Worried about a possible tear in my dress jeans, I look up from my on-my-knees vantage to the group gathered in the foyer.  Fear, astonishment, and dismay were frozen expressions on all the faces.  I smile from my crawl (prayer?) position, smile and tell them I am alright.

Managing to stand, I extend my arms and say, “I had to make an entrance.”  The humor melted the cold horror into warm welcoming smiles.  Looking at the small group in the sanctuary compared to the large number of cars in the parking lot, I ask, “Is this all the people who come here?”

I was informed this was the Hispanic sanctuary and was given a partial escort to the main English sanctuary.

Without event, I take my seat and mentally assess injury.  My neck and shoulder muscles were sore, most likely from being rigid during the fall.  My knees ached a little but my favorite dress jeans were undamaged.

Relieved, amused, and thankful, I realized…I can fall in other languages!

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