June 12, 2010

“There is a fine line between serendipity and stalking.” ~David Coleman

I woke up this morning with a pulse.  This is a good start.  Unfortunately, hormones have SPS on the offensive.  Next medication peak, I hope (?) to get groceries.

I have a confession…I stalk shopping carts.  The handicap placard is of no use to me without an “open the door accessible shopping cart.”  (And medication mojo working.)  Some stores are ‘Johnny on the spot’ getting wayward carts corralled back into the store.  So…I slowly patrol the parking lot, waiting for someone to abandon the necessary wheeled independence for me…my target.

I noticed a warning on one store chain’s shopping cart.  The cart has a built-in alarm to alert the store at any attempt to remove the cart from the parking lot.

I just stalk carts.  I do not kidnap them.

Copyright © 2010


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