SPS- Hammered & Screwed

October 6, 2010

A successful tool is used to do something undreamed of by its author.
~ Samuel Curtis Johnson, Sr.

A special space for just me – my own computer room! The oversized, clunky computer hutch was about to become trash pick-up roadkill. (Or bounty for those who peruse the neighborhood under the cover of night looking for curbside ‘treasure.’)

Entering a furniture store with giddy visions of a streamlined and efficient computer desk, I was informed by the salesman they did not carry computer furniture. Helpfully, he offered that Office Depot had a great selection; only they do not deliver and come unassembled. For $90.00, Office Depot assembled his desk for him and he was able to get it into his oversized ‘guy’ vehicle. (But as a ‘guy,’ he could not assemble it?)

Discouraged by the transport smallness of my mid-size vehicle and the word “unassembled,’ the $90.00 price-tag was a death nail in my budget…not to mention my SPS limitations and potential challenge and stress. I struggle keeping a semblance of me assembled?

I headed to Wal Mart for an ‘unassembled without delivery’ computer desk within my financial means and hauling home trunk capacity. For $69.00, a trim trio of a cheap overseas computer desk, filing stand, and bookcase in one of the smallest boxes seemed to be an SPS doable.

In a triumph of determination over ability, I managed to scoot and slide the box out of my trunk. A year ago, I had purchased a small dolly for a surrogate walker/transport for heavier purchases, but never used it until now. SPS trembles and sweat resulted in a victorious perch of my computer ensemble onto the dolly, just to have the handle disengage. My neighbor noticed my distress and came to my rescue.

Dismay and disbelief tickled my SPS triggers as I looked at the 20-plus pages instruction booklet. Thankfully, all of the hardware was segregated in a plastic packet labeled as YY, WW, etc. All I knew was assembly required a hammer, screwdriver, and doctorate in Rubik’s Cube solution. With SPS, I have immense experience with being hammered and screwed. Daily working through my SPS struggles seems like solving a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded.

Identifying and separating the many wooden pieces into three potential furniture piles, (How did all of this come in one small box?) turned my living room floor into an SPS obstacle course.

With my hammer and screwdriver, I battled aching hip joints, back ripples, and aerobic-worthy sweating to slowly construct wooden piece A with hardware WW with syndrome-learned patience and fortitude. An occasional standing break had my SPS triggers of spatial paranoia and rigidity plague me during my water gulps.

Hours later, I am SPS hammered and screwed. (No, not an evening at the corner bar with Jack Daniels and a stranger?) In a victory for the home team, (me) I hammered and screwed a deceptive small box of numerous parts into an impressive trio of updated office furniture.

From which I type…

Copyright © 2010


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