SPS Activity Budget

January 17, 2011

“We don’t see this as a budget exercise. It’s about management excellence.” ~David Barna~

SPS is a wicked step-mother with a Scrooge mentality of miserly. Every morning I timidly approach this domineering presence with my syndrome weary hand extended for a few pennies of ability. Gnarled fingers rattle the clinking coins from her full apron pocket in a cruel tease. I hold my breath in anticipation for the meager offering of the day. Will I get a few extra pennies today?

Shining with promise, I count the worn, dull coins in my open palm. How can I make the most of today’s offering. What shall I spend my limited treasure on? What shall I sacrifice?

Budgeting my limited ability within medication opportunities is a daily SPS management skill. The challenge is to come under budget. Today’s deficit will compromise tomorrow’s spending–an overdraft with late fees–also known as a down-on-the-couch day with extra Aleve.

Saturday was difficult as I struggled within the limits of spending my last coins of the day. With nostalgic remorse, I remembered when I complained about effortlessly leaving the house to run to the store for a forgotten ingredient for supper…pre SPS. Sometimes the reality of having an ambitious mind within a challenged body is revisited heartbreak for me.

But the optimist in me resurfaces and is thankful for those precious coins I am given. Because of SPS, I realize the value of a moment. For my health, stay within budget. For happiness, do not hoard. Spend. Spend wisely.

“We’re on a limited budget. And I think we’ve spent every nickel of it.” ~Jeff Smith~

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