Mistaken For Normal

“Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” ~Albert Camus

My patient files are two inches thick–at three different physicians’ offices. I am a medical enigma, even to myself. Daily juggling medication times, carb-counting, blood checks, and physical ability vs. energy output, my life is anything but normal. Sweet uncomplicated “normalcy” is my heart’s desire. Utilizing ingenuity, medication peaks, and my natural gift of gab, I create a David Copperfield, Vegas finale illusion of social normalcy–showtime!

I did not realize how convincing I am until a phone conversation with a girlfriend this week who is a nurse. (She is aware of my medical conditions.) We were discussing an upcoming activity that my instinct wasn’t comfortable with personally participating. Finally I explained the physical and mental energy this activity would require from me that particular evening.

With surprise and sincere understanding, she apologized. “I forgot about your illness. I did not think.” She literally made my day. Having spent time with me, she actually sees me as Debbie, a person, not my diagnosis. Normal!

I wonder if Caesar’s Palace will schedule a booking for me–headliner. Forget being an opening act, I went pro.

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