May I Rest In Peace

June 24, 2011

“According to your medical checkup, you are dead.” ~A doctor to René Desmaison after he was rescued off the north face of Grandes Jorasses, having spent 342 hours without food or water.

Yesterday I received my medical update status to turn in for my continued life insurance coverage. (I lose value as I age.) In reading about my condition, there were only three lines to list the diagnostic codes for my ails, so having insulin-dependent diabetes was mentioned in another section. The three lines were filled with my other chronic diagnoses.

In reading the severity of my symptoms, limitations, and bleak prognosis for recovery, I am thankful I am a medical cynic with faith, hope, and optimism. Just to be sure…

I ordered flowers for my memorial service before getting the specifics of time and place. I scoured the online obituaries and did not find anything on me. Finally, I checked my pulse and found one. I am debating about the flowers. Every woman loves to get flowers.

May I live in peace.

Copyright © 2011


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