December 10, 2010

I remember when my son received his young-boy Christmas dream of an Atari. In the background, I could hear a heavenly choir sing in harmonious rapture at his enthusiasm. The Atari games! Graphics, arcade music, and sound effects are archaic compared to current technology–except for Frogger.

Pre-SPS, I would watch in rapt fascination as the little frog navigated traffic and obstacles in crossing the road and river. Energetic ‘boings’ accompanied his strategic hops at his frantic attempt to safely navigate traffic and aquatic dangers. A graphic splat and flattened frog were uttered oaths and another attempt with a new, but numbered, ‘lives.’

Since diagnosed with SPS, I am Frogger. Getting from point A to point B, my syndrome perception is a lifelong game of Frogger–planning my moves to the annoying urgency of the arcade game theme song. Splat! Boing, boing! The death drown. My goal is making it to the safety of the bushes–picking up some power points en route–extra ‘only as needed’ meds?

I just wonder how many ‘lives’ come with the Stiff Person Syndrome arcade version of Frogger?

Copyright © 2010


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