February 9, 2011

“The warmth of a friend’s presence brings joy to our hearts, sunlight to our souls, and pleasure to all of life.” ~Unknown

Yesterday, I had planned on my original SPS-friendly workout at the gym, but a friend phoned. I took the call instead. She and I shared some serious talk, exchanged some thoughts, and had some female giggles. Feeling light, I opted for walking practice instead.

Floating on those “feelin’ good” vibes, I managed to cross a small section of asphalt to retrieve my mail. (I did hesitate and needed a few test starts to get back over to the other side…Goal!!) While the sun warmed my face, recollecting bits of our conversation warmed my heart. This was one of those cherished moments my body was working reasonably in sync.

A group of us met for pizza last night. Conversation, banter, and laughter were shared, cementing a growing bond. I was experiencing the magical and elusive feeling of being “normal.” My often-ignored normalcy was a celebration with friends. Life is good when shared with friends…even better with pizza.

Copyright © 2011

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