Beast Side Story – An Attitude Parody

Anger blows out the lamp of the mind. ~Robert G. Ingersoll

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. ~Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere’s Fan, 1893


Preface: I understand the pain, physical and mental, of living with a chronic diagnosis. Currently, I am living with four and waiting further test results.

I experience times of grief, anger, depression, and sadness. It is my choice not to dwell in those places – Too much energy spent on negative nothing. Energy I would rather use for something positive – creating joy in my life, cherishing the simple, and sharing it with others. 😉

Inspired by those who choose to live with, and encourage in others, a chronic bad attitude. I did a parody of West Side Story – I Feel Pretty. 😉


Beast Side Story I FEEL SH***Y

MISERY I’m a victim, world’s only victim, I feel angry, and bitter and whine. And I pity myself more with the passing of time.

I feel like ranting, See it enchanting– It’s alarming how harming I feel, And so sh***y That I hardly can believe I’m real.

See me the victim in that mirror there: Who can that travesty be? Such an angry face, Such a bitter mess, Such a nasty smile, Such a sh***y me!

I am blaming And entitled– Feel demanding and ranting in rage, For I’m a victim And a star on the Internet stage.

GLOOM, DESPAIR, & AGONY Have you met my good friend Misery, The angriest girl on the block? You”ll know her the minute you see her– She’s the one who acts out in an advanced State of shock.

She thinks she’s a leader. Of other’s in pain. She isn’t a leader, She’s merely insane.

It must be self-pity Of her rare disease An attitude so sh***y, Or maybe it’s fleas.

MISERY I’m entitled, So entitled That the city should give me its key. A committee Should be organized to honor me.

I feel angry, I am bitter, I feel angry and bitter and whine, And so sh***y, All doctors can just resign!

See the victim in that mirror there:

GLOOM, DESPAIR, & AGONY What mirror where?

MISERY Who can that poor victim be?

GLOOM. DESPAIR, & AGONY Which? What? Where? Whom?

MISERY Such an angry face, Such a bitter mess, Such a nasty smile, Such a sh***y me!

ALL We are blaming And entitled– Feel demanding and ranting in rage, For we are victims And stars on the Internet stage!

**For those too young to remember:




The purpose of a support group is to instill hope by sharing experiences, information, and extending an uplifting hand or word of encouragement to someone who is emotionally or physically drowning, not submerge them in negative hoplessness.

Floating around in SPS support cyberspace for 10 years now, I have seen some individuals feed on and encourage negativity, anger, and blame with pack mentality.  Suffering wears many diagnostic faces, but I have seen some behave as if SPS is the only evil diagnosis in the medical world…trapped, by choice, within their own quagmire of woe.

I have been blessed by countless angels who lift me up while enduring the heated wrath of the SPS dragon.  My heroes.

Copyright © 2010


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