A Month Of Memories

June 24, 2011

“Life gives us brief moments with another…but sometimes in those brief moment we get memories that last a life time…” ~Unknown

I made it! My first solo road trip to surprise Mom for Mother’s Day. May, 2011 – a month of memories.

Hanging out at Mom’s for a couple of weeks, we talked, watched Dancing With The Stars, talked, shopped, ate out, talked, lounged, took walks, worked in Mom’s doctor appointments…and talked–serious conversations, vents, reminiscing, woman-to-woman sharing, & laughing.

Not restrained by time, we went on an impromptu road trip. Driving at whim, we stopped frequently, enjoyed the scenery, traveled through the Blue Ridge Mountains, visited family, had moments of companionable silence, lost in thought to the hum of tires on the freeway and an occasional CD. Without an itinerary, we shared a motel room at different stops as desired.

Typical women, we both over-packed clothing, but with our conjoined medical supplies/medications/equipment, I thought a white pharmaceutical delivery van would have been a more suitable mode of transportation. Each stop required getting a luggage carrier to load with an oxygen machine, diabetic supplies, our individual rolling totes with prescriptions, a breathalyzer machine, cooler with insulin, along with a change of clothes and pajamas–Just to haul it all out and repack the car the next day.

Without jumping on the beds, we had slumber parties in the motel rooms. I resorted to little girl mode, crawling into bed with Mom one morning to snuggle. The continental breakfasts! We stuffed ourselves on eggs, biscuits and gravy, pastries, and juice out of nutritional guilt.

We enjoyed more shopping, eating out, sharing dessert, (Bob Evan’s strawberry pie!), lounging in pajamas until noon with coffee and more talking, movies, mother/daughter pedicures, Memorial Day at the ocean, and a boat ride.

Mom has a fear of water. She would have learned how to swim if getting in the pool wasn’t a necessity. “I am taking you for a boat ride, ” I informed her with my childlike orneriness and anticipation.

“On the water?” she responded in dismay.

I had to laugh. “No, Mom. I am going to take you to the mall and see what a quarter will buy. I will wave as you go around.” After I had my fun, I promised her she would enjoy it.

An afternoon meandering at the Jacksonville Landing, a lunch of chicken wings and another dessert, we took the water taxi. Mom really enjoyed it. I enjoyed her.

We had an amazing month of being two girls on an “Excellent Adventure.” When I started my solo drive, it was with the intention of spending a quality and quantity of time with Mom, just the two of us. Living the experience was better than imagining it.

Until next time…I have been hearing about a zip line over a pool of alligators?

Make memories with those you love, don’t miss the boat.

Copyright © 2011

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