High School Basketball & Backyard Moles

Some of life’s most important lessons come from unexpected experiences. I learned some valuable insights from high school basketball and backyard moles.

My high school sponsored a girl’s basketball team, the Eagles. I played forward. An inspirational mentor, our coach was a former women’s center for Kentucky University. She wasn’t concerned about winning or scores. She wanted us to learn basketball fundamentals, play as a team, reach our own personal potential, and have fun. Our team loved her and loved to play.

Other teams did not have the privilege to be coached by someone with the ethics and priorities of our coach. We played the Bulldogs. This team of girls was vicious, confrontational, and aggressive in a non-sportsmanship way. Cursing, deliberate fouling, and a mean spirit emanated from them. Bloodied scratches ran down my arm from a deliberate foul. The Bulldogs did not play by the rules, exhibited blatant defiance for the officials calling foul, and made the entire game an unpleasant ordeal to just finish.


Upset, my dad entered the house yelling, “We’ve got a mole! He is destroying the yard!” In a relatively short period of time, this tiny blind creature had burrowed many underground tunnels, undermining the foundation of our backyard. Thinking I had a solid foothold; my foot would collapse with the undetected underground damage. Stumbling and tripping, I would lose balance. Working secretively, the unseen mole destroyed solid ground.

I learned some valuable insights from high school basketball and backyard moles.

1] Respect for rules.
2] When part of a group, play as a team.
3] Reach my personal potential.
4] Have fun.
5] Destruction can be swift from small hidden sources.
6] Underground can be underhanded.
7] When tripped, learn how to land.
8] Stand on solid ground.

“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.”
~Thomas Carlyle~

Copyright © 2009


One thought on “High School Basketball & Backyard Moles

  1. We are a team. Wherever we we are, we are there for each other. Our sex, religion, colour or creed makes no difference. All that matters is that we care, and are there for all.

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