All aboard – 2009

A new year. Always a pivotal time where regrets are relived, outlooks revived, dreams resurface, and resolutions are kept promises to oneself until February, from my experience.

December is a blur of several doctor appointments, delayed infusion script, a bout of flu, and oral surgery, along with my regular “issues.” A new health issue surfaced…a severe vitamin D deficit requiring a bailout of prescription-strength mega D for two months, hopefully to avoid a future bone breaking calcium absorption depression.

Though sometimes down for the count, I still enjoyed a festive holiday, trimmed a tree, did some baking, made a ham dinner, and shared in some fun Christmas celebrations. Shopping was navigated as Nascar racing,(aka a Christmas mall racetrack), before I discovered the wonder of Internet gift certificates. Next year’s Christmas shopping…one of my 2009 resolutions…will be dressed in festive PJs, sipping flavored coffee, and casual online surfing for the “right gift” for those on my list.

January 1st was a quick gasp of air before I jumped on the 2009 train of normal life frenzy in the chronic illness coach. I would hang on to my heat, but I lost it a long time ago. 2009 looks to be an aggressive ride, a challenging destination in mind while my Chronic Raiders are in relentless pursuit. “Eat my dust.” Me or the Raiders?

I am deeply grateful for my blessings of 2008 and eagerly look forward to life and the opportunities of 2009. All Aboard!

“The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul” ~G. K. Chesterson~

Copyright © 2009


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