Acronyms For $1,000.00

Acronyms, a language in itself – our fast-track way of of shortening long words or phrases into condensed, easy to remember letters – silent relief from the spelling bee-challenged. (SBC?)

Computers: URL,ISP,DSL,IE…
Organizations: We have the DNC, RNC, AARP, EEOC, AWU, NRA…
Communications: ASAP, FYI, LOL, BTW, SOS, and so on.

Then comes medical lingo, quite simply, a serious diagnosis, (dx) is round one ‘jeopardy.’ If your dx has an acronym, you are in double ‘jeopardy:’ RA, MS, SPS, ALS, CIDP, MD…a final round, lifetime contestant…guaranteed. The qualifying round to be an acronym ‘jeopardy’ contestant requires extensive dx acronym pretesting: EKG, MRI, EKG, CAT or PET scans. Experience has taught me any test with an acronym will not be pleasant and financially costly.

I have IDDM with SPS. My SPS was diagnosed with an EMG and a GAD-antibody test for compromised GABA. I also had a lumbar puncture to test my CSF. PT is out for me, but I have several RX scripts that help relieve my symptoms, one PRN, another BID, and the last, TID. I receive IVIg from an RN every five weeks, ordered by my MD, an acronym coach.

Alec, I will take acronyms for $1,000.00, please. SOL – What is xxxx out of luck.

I love the promise of simple, one-syllable words like faith, hope, and love.

“Now abideth, faith, hope, and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”
~I Corinthians 13:13~

Copyright © 2008


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